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Live work: A chance for you and your local shop to win cash with Cadbury Big Win Win

Big Win Win showcase

To support the humble local corner shop and the work they do for their communities, we helped Cadbury to launch the ‘The Big Win-Win’ competition. 

The campaign aimed to spread generosity to chocolate lovers across the country, and most importantly, to reward the heroes that keep the UK going - local corner shops. Newsagents are there for people day and night, through thick and thin and also got the nation through the Covid-19 lockdown.

The campaign developed by our advertising cohorts VCCP brought the focus back to the core range of single Cadbury chocolate bars often picked up in local shops. As well as highlighting the generous mechanic of ‘winning together’ and amplifying shared human stories.

After buying a promotional Cadbury chocolate bar, customers could scan the QR code on the pack taking them to the competition website that we designed and built at Bernadette. All they had to do was enter the barcode and batch code found on pack and then fill in their details. They then received an email and clicked to confirm their email address and found out if they had won a cash prize for them as well as cash for their local corner shop.

Over 78,000 people took part in the competition, with lucky winners sharing the prize pool of £150,000!

Description how Big Win Win works

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