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Delivering customer experiences without compromise for easyJet

easyJet & Bernadette

We work with easyJet as they continually optimise the experience for their customers across the digital ecosystem.

Our work has also spanned innovative enhancements at every conceivable consumer touchpoint. We’ve worked across web and app - innovating new ways to book flights; better connecting consumers to customer service support; and offering holiday inspiration via both social media and augmented reality.

In-airport experience

We’ve also worked on experience and service design for the real life airport moments in  the customer journey including how to handle disruption and cancellations. And entertaining but informative ways to keep customers up to date through live, data-driven screens at the check-in desks that share the latest information with easyJet fliers.

easyJet: Gatwick screens
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easyJet World of Orange

We also have designed and maintained the World of Orange - the easyJet Design System. This acts as a single source of truth for all digital partners and platforms to stay on brand, and rollout new features, optimisations, and experience designs faster. It actively encourages lean development approaches for rapid deployments and reactive solutions.

Covid-19 Travel Hub

The easyJet design system helped us design, build and launch a Covid-19 Travel Hub to enable consumers to easily find the info they needed when the travel industry was turned on its head.

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