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Live work: Cadbury Secret Santa is live for it’s 4th year

Image depicting a Cadbury Secret Santa campaign with a showcase of the application featuring interactive features.

We're thrilled to announce that Cadbury Secret Santa is making a grand return for its 4th consecutive year! This year's journey has given a fresh update to the user interface, complete with the latest Cadbury branding.

Beyond the visual experience, this year our technical ‘little helpers’ have been busy upgrading the mechanics of how the postal service works. This has included building unique QR codes for all digital posters and regionalised QR codes for static posters. This has allowed for better tracking, more responsive campaign management and valuable regional media data for future media plans. 

We’ve also created a custom tool to dynamically generate 88k bespoke tracking creative assets. That’s made for a richer experience all round, with the aim of keeping customers continuously engaged and immersed in all the celebrations the festive season has to offer.

Finally, to enhance the experience further we’ve finessed the imagery and animations. So, our final delivery looks set to bring home the joy of Christmas once again — but with an added sprinkle of yuletide cheer, a few extra flurries, and a final screen that captures the spirit and realism of posting a real Christmas gift.

We can't wait for you to experience all the magic that Cadbury Secret Santa has to offer this year. It's going to be a wonderful ride! 🎅🍫💌

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