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Live work: Crack the safe to unlock a Cadbury Wispa Gold

Demo of wispa gold heist campaign on device

This month VCCP London invited the nation on a heist of a lifetime for the launch of the new limited-edition flavour, Wispa Gold Salted Caramel. With the Wispa Gold bars locked away in virtual vaults, hopeful heisters will be challenged to complete a safe-cracking audio game accessed via QR codes on OOH sites across the country, or through ‘Wispa Gold Heist’ ads served on TikTok in order to secure the limited-edition loot.

Bernadette have had a great time creating the interactive safe cracking experience that unlocks your chance to win one of the limited edition bars.

To get the hopeful heisters cracking and immersed in the game, once they scanned a QR code from an out-of-home advert, or clicked on a ‘Wispa Gold Heist’ ad on TikTok, they were taken to the virtual safe on their phone. On arriving on the website we created, visitors found that the Wispa Gold bars were locked away in virtual vaults, and that they would be challenged to complete our safe-cracking audio game in order to secure the limited-edition loot.

With headphones in and the volume up, the rich interactive experience started, utilising 3D animation and HD sounds to heighten the heist atmosphere, bringing the user fully into that world.

Created to appeal to a younger Gen Z audience and break into the competitive salted caramel category, the code-breaking mechanism of the campaign tapped into the playful spirit of the Wispa Gold brand. The heist element has been designed to drive intrigue and desire for the new product by locking it away and increasing the lure of the Wispa Gold Salted Caramel bar which heisters could get their hands on for free if they cracked the code. 

We’re incredibly proud to say that an incredible 84,000 people attempted to get their hands on a Wispa Gold bar - but only the most skilled codebreakers secured a free bar!

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