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Our People

Bernadette is made up of designers, architects, strategists, managers and makers. With hubs in London and Prague.
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As part of the strategy team, I'm focused on planning exciting and useful products or services. I love to take a design focused approach so lots of research, workshops and collaboration and finding meaningful solutions to big problems

I love strategy for two reasons. It gives me a the chance to build something right from the beginning, getting stuck into the possibilities of what could be. And I get to solve a lot of different types of problems for different types of brands - it's always a new challenge 

You need to now i'm incredibly curious and love to learn, not just about strategy but art, design, history, nature, tech and more. I like to delve deep into exciting topics 

Jason Doyle
Jan Louda



I take care of the Prague part of the team, including a wide network of freelancers who work for London and Prague.

People, team, international environment, varied work.

People connector. Lover of family, sports, nature, travel, I am also a Spartan (Race) Ambassador.



At Bernadette I am a Senior UX Designer. My role encompasses all aspects of the UX design process from research and discovery to design and prototyping with close collaboration with other disciplines like data, strategy, UI, and technology.

I want people to have the best digital experience possible. I love to solve problems that ultimately provide a positive change for users. I love the variety of my role, from conducting research and distilling insights to designing insight-driven solutions, which we then validate through user testing.

I'm not very good at sitting still and relaxing outside of work, to combat this, I dabble in woodworking, making several things for the house, and the occasional craft show.

Ben Marshall
Marie Hrabovska



I code HTML5 animated web banners and interactive emails. I love solving problems and the sense of accomplishment. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself every day.



If you need to get your ideas moving, prepare an AR filter, make a standout display ad or lay out an email, I am your guy. Be it 2D or 3D I like to tackle it all while making sure the result is appealing. As a Prague based designer I help our London friends in achieving the goals of our clients to our the best of our abilities.

In my free time I like to mess around with computers, go to a dance class or spend time with family.

Ondrej Hanel
Zdenek Suda



My goal is to breathe life into static designs and let them live their life within your browsers. I'm responsible for creating great user experiences when people visit clients' websites, preparing eye-catching banners to increase KPIs and building email templates to bring you the latest news from our clients’ business. I fell in love with running OCR with my beloved dog. Spartan Race is my next step

Want to join us?

Have a look at the latest live opportunities to join our crew via our LinkedIn jobs page. Or, simply head over to our Contact Us form to let us know a bit more about yourself. We’d love to hear from you!

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