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Customer needs and branded services brought together in one breakthrough platform



O2 wanted to reimagine their relationship with its customers, and offer a truly personalised My O2 service that would fit individual needs, now and in the future.

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We knew that we needed to be thorough, yet flexible, in our exploration in order to truly understand the different consumers we were designing for. We were aiming to build for both the now, and the future.

Deep ethnographic research formed the basis of a series of Design Thinking sprints, from which we developed prototypes and took these into rapid, iterative rounds of consumer testing. We also collaborated closely with a cross-functional O2 team to engage key stakeholders with our ideas.

This led to a new UI toolkit with a fresh, consistent feel across web and app. O2 are now able to bring customer needs and branded services together, and deliver these through the single My O2 platform, across any device. We continue to partner on the evolution of My O2 through co-located teams.

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My O2 is at the heart of the relationship between O2 and its customers, and a key contributor to the group topping the Telco NPS rankings. 


increase in sales volume
on the app store
increase in MAUs

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