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AR doors displayed in various rooms in a house

An industry-first taste of travels to come



After grounding its entire fleet in May 2020, easyJet were looking for creative ways to keep connected with consumers. We worked with them to offer inspiration around future travels - whilst building easyJet’s reputation as an innovative, social-first brand.

AR door displayed in a park


We focused our ideation around helping consumers to feel they’re not confined by their location (mainly, their living rooms!). We knew this needed to be a tangible and fully immersive change of scene, delivered with simplicity. Using space-recognition technology and AR filters, we created Holidoorways. 

The idea was simple - a closed door would appear in front of consumers, wherever they were at the time. They then tap to open, and walk through to the sights and sounds of destinations such as Santorini, Nice and The Algarve - making stunning destinations only a step away and allowing consumers to start planning ahead for when the world might start moving again. We covered 9 European markets with 5 AR filters, initially launching on Instagram and then adapting and deploying across social platforms.

We are thrilled to launch our new Holidoorways AR filters. Our summer holidays are now within reach, and while we wait to finally take off, we wanted to bring some of our favourite holiday destinations to the public's homes.

Lucy Outram, Head of Brand & Central Marketing at easyJet



Our breakthrough activation was a first in the industry, and was hugely popular with easyJet’s target demographic - engaging consumers across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest and cementing easyJet’s position as a brand leader for social-first campaigns.


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