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Jan Louda, Production Director
Group shot of people attending Czechitas gala
Being a member of the jury during the Czechitas gala evening was such a great experience! I wish them the best of luck in their dream job search.

Zdeněk Suda

On December 14, 2023, the Czechitas Digital Academy's gala in Prague celebrated the culmination of an intense three-month web course. This event, organised by Czechitas — an NGO committed to fostering women's talents in technology — showcased the students' final projects. These projects, largely developed in pairs, demonstrated expertise in frontend development, encompassing a spectrum of technologies from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and React. 

Since its inception in 2020, Bernadette has been an ardent supporter of these courses, a commitment reflected by its ethos of nurturing digital innovation. This year, the gala was further distinguished by the participation of Zdeněk Suda, Senior Developer at Bernadette, as one of the esteemed judges. Zdeněk, who previously mentored in five cohorts, brought a wealth of experience to the judging panel. His reflections on the event were glowing: "Being a member of the jury during Czechitas gala evening was such a great experience! Imagine all the energy and hours students spent on projects and seeing happiness and relief when they finished their presentations was absolutely amazing, especially the delight of the winners! I wish them the best of luck in their dream job search."

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The gala's highlight was the awarding of 'unicorns', each symbolising excellence in different aspects of the projects. The 'Overlap Unicorn' was awarded to projects that excelled not just technically and aesthetically, but also offered significant social or sustainable benefits beyond the course. The 'Technical Unicorn' recognized projects with outstanding code quality and the use of a diverse array of technologies. The 'Starry Unicorn' was given to projects that were overall exceptional in design, technology, and concept. Additionally, there was a special recognition — the 'Project/Darling of the Audience' — which was uniquely awarded based on the audience's votes, rather than the jury's decision. These awards underscored the multifaceted excellence of the projects, celebrating the diverse talents and hard work of the students."

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All participants successfully delivered their projects, marking a significant achievement in their educational journey. In a similar vein, the spring 2023 course featured Filip Staňek, Senior Designer at Bernadette, who also served on the jury. The collaboration between Bernadette and Czechitas has been notably productive, as highlighted by Jan Louda, head of Bernadette's production studio in Prague. Jan underscores the symbiotic relationship between the two entities: "In more than 4 years, thanks to this, we have gained two great ladies-colleagues Marie Hrabovská and Nikola Kabátová. The team has developed, learned and improved precisely by mentoring and helping female students.”

As the students embark on their journey into the IT world, Bernadette extends its heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for their future. This partnership exemplifies a powerful collaboration that not only empowers emerging talent in technology but also enriches the participating organisations, contributing to a more diverse and vibrant IT landscape.

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