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KiaHybrid & Electric Redesign


Driving Kia consumers towards their innovative electric and hybrid range



Kia UK came to us for support in achieving one of their key business aims — for 1 in 3 of their vehicle sales to come from their electric and hybrid range. This was at a time when EVs were a newer alternative for many consumers, so we knew we needed to fully reimagine the digital experience to one that both inspired and educated consumers as they explore.



We underwent a full discovery of the world of EVs, exploring directly with consumers whilst also partnering with multiple teams within Kia, such as their SEO team to gauge existing consumer language and areas of interest.

We then undertook a full UX/UI redesign and redevelopment of the electric and hybrid section of their site. Our objectives were to introduce new customers to Kia’s range of alternatively fuelled vehicles, showcase their innovative technology and features, and help buyers understand the benefits of making the move away from petrol or diesel. We therefore built in new features such as an EV cost calculator to assess how much consumers could save by making the switch.



Our redesign significantly boosted Kia’s position as a recognised industry leader in electric mobility, as well as putting them firmly on track to reach their purchase goal from the EV range.


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