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Our Crew

Want to find out a little bit more about the Bernadette crew? Here are just a few of the faces from our talented team of pioneers. Come back again soon as we continue to profile the brains behind the breakthroughs.


Junior UX Designer

At the moment I am the team's sponge. I'm trying to learn as much as possible while helping the team with anything they need, from research to wireframes.

I love the idea of helping (or brightening) someone's day. I like to think I work for the people.

I quit my job after 10 years in the fashion industry to re-train as a UX Designer because even though I wanted a career change I've always wanted to work somewhere where I could have an impact on people's day-to day(even if its a tiny one).

Helena Saez
Will Aslett


Creative Director

A conductor of creativity, orchestrating and collaborating with our talented strategy, UX, design and development teams. From sparring a concept, to handing a fistful of references to lead excellent art direction, to demoing AR (while knocking over a vase or two) and magic motion - I'm here to champion excellent, thoughtful design across all of our offerings.

I was born with a crayon in one hand and a felt-tip in the other. Creativity is my calling and I love the creative process; scribbling out ideas & bringing experiences to life that people love. There are too many (good) ideas and not enough time.

As a digital native, in stark contrast there's nothing more I like to do than go fully analogue in the opposite direction, stick on my wellingtons and go for an autumnal stroll with our chocolate Cocker Spaniel Yumi across the fields and through the woods. (Yumi is also the unofficial mascot of Bernadette and gets everyone's tails wagging when she's in the studio.)


Project Director

My role at Bernadette is all about facilitating collaboration that turns problems into opportunities. Sometimes that looks like setting direction for transformative web projects and crunching numbers, other times its tasting mystery chocolate flavours. No two days are the same, but the common theme is always that of building a team and setting it on a path to make positive difference to our clients.

While I can't claim that I'm saving the world in advertising, there is a lot of satisfaction in the work I do both in ensuring business continuity for my clients and in frequently bringing a smile and delight to consumers who engage with my clients' brands.

Outside of work I’m the mother of two cats and a rare plants collector, both of which you'll occasionally see in video calls. I’m very particular about food and wine and even more so about environmental sustainability and footprint minimisation.

Monika Seredynska
Bernadette Team Photo - Black & White
Steph Marques


Head of UX

I find ways to bring business, customer and technology together into products and services that deliver and delight. I have worked with clients such as O2 on their digital transformation and innovation, Domino’s on their ecommerce platforms and Saga on their website ecosystem redesign. I'm passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, and lead the Accessibility Collective at Bernadette - evangelising and training the team in accessible design and development.

I love a challenge! I always have. Every day is different - there's different customers to get to know, a mix of colleagues to work with and brands to understand. I get bored easily...but I never get bored at Bernadette!

Outside of work, I love playing sports - I'll try anything... from softball to boxing, hockey, running and even ultimate frisbee. I just love it all.


Senior Digital Producer

I work with a number of teams in Bernadette and across the wider VCCP partnership, running projects and producing digital products and services, everything from banners, social posts, OOH creative and website content .

I love the variety that comes with my job, no two days are ever the same, I also get a kick out of seeing something I've made out in the wild.

When I’m not working, I enjoy drinking warm cider at a festival, camping, motor racing & watching Peep Show on repeat.

Luke Dougherty
Chris Hobbs


Senior UX Designer

UX design and strategy thinking, executed with enthusiasm and motivation. Helping clients step into the world of their consumers in order to better understand their needs and wants.

My role is about ensuring user centered design principles and methodology are consistently applied to processes and outputs for clients and stakeholders.

Father, 2 x Ironman 70.3, cyclist, Rapha fan, 3.15 marathon, obsessive with typography, modern art and architecture. Punctilious.

Want to join us?

Have a look at the latest live opportunities to join our crew via our LinkedIn jobs page. Or, simply head over to our Contact Us form to let us know a bit more about yourself. We’d love to hear from you!

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